• Newsquare Innovation


    Accelerating innovation and building Ecosystems

    Newsquare runs innovation programs based on Startup Accelerators. We have been evolving what accelerators can do for over 2 years, based on working with industry leading accelerators, and running our own accelerator. We focus on addressing very specific niches of innovation, and building ecosystems to connect the knowledge, funding, routes to market, and of course innovators. We work with startups, scale-ups, and spinouts, to ensure we find the best innovators in a specific sector.


    Based on our knowledge of ecosystems, our deep networks in specific sectors and regions, and on our access to innovation we also consult to corporations, governments, and NGOs. Work typically includes building new ecosystems for clients, advising on startup sector support, sourcing deal flow for investors, and investment for companies.



  • EyeFocus Accelerator

    EyeFocus is the world's first accelerator and innovation program for companies in the eye-care sector. Newsquare built a unique, global ecosystem of innovators, corporates, hospitals, NGOs, and thought leaders in eye-care, culminating in a conference on eye-care innovation. The program has supported 47 early stage and growth companies over 2 years.

    Future of Identity

    Newsquare advised the Government of Estonia's e-Residency team on innovation and global expansion. This included running a program of Idea Hack events around the world over a year, and a conference in Estonia on The Future of Identity. The conference will run again in 2017.

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