• Accelerators and Ecosystems

    NewSquare has pioneered approaches to accelerators and ecosystem building, working with a broad range of corporates and government agencies. The company advises on the design and implementation of accelerators and coprorate innovation programs, and runs accelerators. I write about accelerators and innovation at Medium.


    Clients and program sponsors include:

  • Previous Innovation Programs

    EyeFocus Accelerator

    Sponsored by Bayer and Zeiss, EyeFocus was the world's first accelerator and innovation program for companies in the eye-care sector. NewSquare built a unique, global ecosystem of innovators, corporates, hospitals, NGOs, and thought leaders in eye-care, culminating in a conference on eye-care innovation. The program has supported 47 early stage and growth companies over 2 years.

    Identit.ee Program

    Supporting Estonia's e-Residency program, the NewSquare team devised and ran the Identit.ee program, consisting of Idea Hack events around the world over a year, and a conference in Estonia on The Future of Identity. This built a global ecosystem of experts to support and promote e-Residency.