• NewSquare Corporate Innovation

    Corporate Venture and Innovation Strategy

    NewSquare has strong experience in structuring innovation programs, corporate venture, and bridging between corporates and startups. The aim of most corporate venture and innovation programming is to bring innovations, new ideas, and new people within the sphere of the corporate. This can be done through investment, ecosystem building, and innovation programs such as accelerators.


    NewSquare has worked with a wide range of corporate and government entities to achieve this, and combines practical experience with the academic research of the founder into this topic into building accelerators, ecosystems, and sourcing innovation.


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  • Corporate Innovation work

    EyeFocus Accelerator with Bayer Healthcare and Zeiss

    EyeFocus Accelerator was developed to build an ecosystem of innovators in eye-care in order to connect Bayer and Zeiss with startups, and more broadly with innovators in this sector. EyeFocus built and ran two accelerator programs, the first being a conventional 3 month program, the second an evolution of this into a virtual program, with activities running around the world. Combined these programs built a network around the corporates that included world leading institutions like Moorfields Eye Hospital, RNIB, leading universities, and over 120 startups in eye-care.

    Clinical Entrepreneurs Program, NHS England

    Advising the Clinical Director of Innovation at NHS England on developing a program that would identify and support entrepreneur medics to receive mentoring and support to develop ventures. The program brought together features of an accelerator, with a competitive application process, cohorts, and fixed terms, as well as mentoring. However, it was unique in sitting within the NHS, and working only with junior doctors.

    Estonian Government e-Residency Program

    The e-Residency program is a world leading initiative offering non-Estonian residents access to some of Estonia’s advanced e-Government services. The program allows non-residents to become ‘e-residents’ in order to open and run companies in Estonia from abroad. Newsquare set up a program that ran ‘idea-hacks’ around the world to gather together thought leaders in fields such as e-Government, Identity, and Blockchain. These events promoted e-Residency, and also provided feedback from a diverse global network of experts on the development of the program. The first phase of work, running activities around the world, led to forming an Advisory Group of global experts to support the e-Residency team in its first years of development.

    Tech North

    Developed the original design and strategy that led to Tech North, focussing on how to build a regional tech ecosystem across the North of England, and then advised the first Head of the program on implementing that original strategy. Tech North came out of the Northern Futures project developed by Deputy Prime Minister’s office and launched by Tech City.

    PhD Research on Innovation

    Tobias Stone completed a PhD in 2018 exploring the underlying social networks of startup accelerators, analysing how best to structure innovation programs. The research used his own accelerator, EyeFocus, as a case study, and makes wide ranging recommendations on how corporates should best engage with startups.