• Work with startups

    I sit on the board of startups, as an investor, advisor, or representing investors. I provide very practical advice, based on my experience and that of other startups I've worked with. I focus on strategy, corporate development, governance, HR, and fundraising, and also bring my own networks and skills to the company.

    Cuckoo Internet

    Cuckoo is disrupting consumer internet.

    Role: Director, angel investor

    Ibis Vision

    IbisVision is the home of the revolutionary new glaucoma test Ring of Sight, specifically designed for the early detection of glaucoma & follow-up care.

    Role: Non-Exec, on behalf of DeepBridge Capital

    PQ Code

    PQ Code manages customer loyalty and receipts, increasing engagement for retailers, and reducing paper waste.
    Role: Non-Exec


    Brickowner is a Fintech startup that provides investor management services for property asset managers.

    Roles: Co-founder, investor & Director

    Novum Insights

    Novum Insights is a market analytics company using big data analytics and analysts to produce in depth research into Blockchain and other new technology sectors.
    Roles: Angel investor, board advisor


    Eyoto is a spinout from Aston University's optometry school producing tech for the eye-care industry. It completed a Series A investment in 2017.
    Roles: Former non-exec, angel investor


    Healthforge makes tools for building healthcare apps, and makes products for large Pharma clients.

    Role: Angel investor